Cleaning Plate™ - Holland Hallmark


This special metal alloy plate (10 x 20 cm) is a cleaning revolution. The 5 minute Cleaning Plate is a fast effortless, re-usable and 'green' way to clean light tarnish from decorative objects of Gold, Gold-plate, Silver, Silver-plate, Copper, Brass, Bronze and some other metals.

Also a safe and simple way to remove stains from the inside of ceramic or glass tea/coffee pots, thermos flasks, vases and many other household objects.



The 5 minute Cleaning Plate works simply by using hot water and household soda. The reaction with the special metal alloy plate will make sure that all light tarnish disappears from the submerged items. This is an excellent way to quickly clean small, fiddly items such as miniatures, cutlery, chains etc. 

Please note that this plate should only be used intermittently on plated items and never as the ONLY way to maintain them. As the Cleaning Plate does not add any silver whilst cleaning, you should take care to 'feed' your silver and silver plated items every now and again with either Holland Hallmark Silver Plater or Holland Hallmark Silver Enhancer.

The 5 minute Cleaning Plate is suitable for cleaning gold, gold plate, silver, silver plate, copper, brass, bronze etc.  When you wish to clean items which are made from different metals such as silver and copper, you should always treat them separately and after refreshing both the soda and the hot water.

For small items you may cut off a piece of the Cleaning Plate and just use this small piece to clean for example a few gold rings in a glass or cup. It is not necessary, but it makes more sense, as you only need a little water and soda accordingly.

When using The 5 minute Cleaning Plate on large items, you should ALWAYS make sure these are fully covered by the water / soda mixture. And you may wish to help the cleaning process along, by using a soft brush  whilst the objects are submerged.


This is just as easy as cleaning metal objects. We all know the problems of cleaning tea pots and thermos flasks. They often have narrow openings and they are very heavily stained with tea or coffee. Cleaning them the conventional way can be a nightmare. This is no longer the case. Just fold the Cleaning Plate so that it will fit into the opening, add hot water and the appropriate amount of soda. Leave to work for about 15 to 20 minutes then check. Repeat if needed. Then rinse well several times and dry.

The same goes for cleaning any other vessel that you would like to clean, and remember, the only thing you will have to replace is the water and the soda. The 5 Minute Cleaning Plate is almost ever lasting.

You may use this method of cleaning as often as you wish.