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The polish that adds silver whilst you are simply cleaning.

A unique cleaning and preservation polish for solid silver and silver plated objects.

Silver Enhancer easily cleans solid silver and silver plated objects and enhances their shine with sparkling silver.

Silver Enhancer is a real treat for silverware, as it beautifully cleans, shines and also protects your silver against early tarnishing. The perfect polish for solid silver and silver plated articles both new and antique.

Silver Enhancer polishes and maintains your treasured items with pure silver. Traditional abrasive polishes wear away the silver on your precious heirloom. They obtain the clean and shiny results by 'grinding' away, bit by bit, the dirt, but also the top layer of the silver you are trying to maintain.

Silver Enhancer however contains pure silver in the liquid and therefore every time you polish, a little silver is deposited onto the item. Over time it will replenish any silver that may have been worn away by traditional polishes.

If wear on your item is clearly visible, we advise you, to first of all use HOLLAND HALLMARK SILVER PLATER to restore the surface of the object and then use SILVER ENHANCER for further after care.

Silver Enhancer contains pure silver to maintain any solid silver and silver plated items in pristine condition and to protect against unnecessary and unsightly wear. It cleans and polishes with great ease and whilst other polishes wear away the silver you are trying to protect, Silver Enhancer helps you keep your silver shining forever.

Now you need never again use those abrasive and destructive traditional polishes. Why risk it, when you can be sure with Holland Hallmark Silver Enhancer!

Silver Enhancer was designed for quick and easy use in the home. It is like Silver Plater, water-based, non-toxic, non-abrasive and non-flammable. No prior knowledge is required to use this excellent product. We just recommend you to read the simple method of use which accompanies every bottle.

Silver Enhancer may be used on all types of items such as cutlery, decorative objects, table ware, clocks, trophies, heirlooms, jewelry etc.


Price: € 34,60

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