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Large Copper-clean-silver plaque


Extra Strong !  Simply wipe on, wash off !!

This Extra Strong Copper and Brass Cleaner is suitable for use on even the most soiled and weathered copper and brass items. Other metals can benefit from it's exceptional cleaning properties as well. Holland Hallmark Copper / Brass Cleaner was designed for professional users, to take the hard work out of restoring, cleaning and polishing heavily tarnished copper, brass, bronze and other very dirty or neglected  metals such as silver, aluminum, tin etc. But it is equally well liked by household users.

Holland Hallmark Copper / Brass Cleaner is a revolutionary development in the field of copper and brass maintenance. The product was developed as a result of demands from professional users in the market and it puts an end to the problems of black hands, unattractive smells, lots of elbow grease and the leaving behind of traces of polish after the job has been done. Hard graft and intensive polishing are now a thing of the past. No more hard rubbing and time wasting !

Holland Hallmark Copper / Brass Cleaner was formulated without solvents, nitrates or ammonia. The product is water based for environmental and safety purposes. Therefore it is safe to use, non-toxic and bio degradable. So it is much more environmentally friendly than traditional polishes.

The polish is not aggressive to the skin, but as with all household maintenance products, the use of gloves is recommended as a precaution for over-sensitive or damaged skin.

Holland Hallmark Copper / Brass Cleaner is highly recommended for use in the professional  HORECA trade (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés) where the maintenance of the bar, name plates, door knobs, decorative objects and copper dishes is a regular occurrence.

Holland Hallmark Copper / Brass Cleaner is also extremely suitable for use in the professional ANTIQUE  trade. For the use of restoration of heavily neglected copper, brass, bronze and other metal items. Even items which have been outside and which have been subjected to the elements of the weather, such as lantern tops and statues, will benefit greatly from the use of the Copper / Brass Cleaner. Our extra strong cleaner will take the hard work out of pre-sale cleaning.

Hospitals, churches, museums, gift shops and many other trade users will welcome this newly developed product. It is safe and simple to use so it is also being sold to consumers for use in the home, where it reduces regular maintenance time, to the great delight of users.



Holland Hallmark Copper / Brass Cleaner is the perfect preparatory polish, before silver plating worn silver plated items with Holland Hallmark Silver Plater. See example above.  You use the Cleaner to release any heavy tarnish or loose dirt and grease, pre silver plating. This way you make more efficient use of the more expensive product Silver Plater, saving time, money and effort. Do not forget to rinse the item before silver plating.

You really have to try it, to believe it ! Apply Holland Hallmark Copper / Brass Cleaner with a clean sponge, wipe it all over the area to be cleaned. Repeat again if necessary. Wash the item with soapy, tepid water, rinse. Then dry very well and buff.

It is as simple as wiping on and washing off!

Price: € 79,07

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