About us - Holland Hallmark

Our family links to professional cleaning and restoration go back to 1832. Since1987 we have specialized in the manufacture of unique cleaning, restoration and preservation polishes for precious and semi-precious metals.

Outside the EU countries, we sell exclusive licenses to companies to manufacture and sell Holland Hallmark products, within a specified territory. The manufacture is based upon a well proven and simple production system. The demonstration and training facilities are based in Holland, where licensees are given detailed manufacturing instructions as part of the license support.

Within the EU countries, we sell our fully packaged and leafleted products to Wholesalers in many different branches. 

Jewelry branch: for workshop use by the jeweler and silver / gold smiths themselves and also for re-sale to consumers. 

Antique branch: for Antique dealers own use in their restoration workshop and also for re-sale to the consumers, for private restoration projects and for maintenance of gold, silver and copper items. 

Decoration and Gift branch: shops buy the maintenance and restoration products also for own use in the shops, but mainly for re-sale to consumers.

Horeca Branch: Hotels, Restaurants and Caf├ęs use the various products for quick and easy maintenance of copper bars, name plates, silver and silver plated serving dishes, cutlery and decorative items.

Museums and Churches: For own use for non aggressive, non abrasive restoration and maintenance of silver and silver plated items.

Mail order: Mail order companies and TV sales organizations in various countries take up products such as Silver Plater, Silver Enhancer and Silver Care Set for re-sale direct to the consumer.

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P.O. Box 444,

4900 AK Oosterhout

The Netherlands

Phone: + 31 6 462 949 82
E-mail: info@hollandhallmark.com